Monday, January 9, 2012

Truth and Deception

I am an educator. I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose any disease or condition, nor do I prescribe any substance for the treatment or cure of any disease or condition. It should be understood that I offer information concerning, time tested, very often, medically researched, natural substances for your consideration. I do not sell any substance--I simply inform you about them. If I happen to refer to a substance as a cure, doesn't mean I am saying it is. I only refer to it as a cure because doctors or scientific researchers have said, or inferred it is a cure. Any substance offered is not intended to substitute for, or replace, treatment offered by a medical professional. I also offer my opinions concerning the American health system and facts presented by reputable doctors and independent medical researchers.   

   The U.S. is one of the sickest industrialized nations in the world. We were told by former Surgeon General, Dr.C. Everett Coop in 1988, that 60% of degenerative disease is caused by faulty lifestyle.Since then, this number has increased to upwards of 70% and according to some, it is rapidly approaching 80%.

   Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. says, "Degenerative diseases are not genetic, but acquired. Because the systems of the human body are interconnected and because one imbalance creates another imbalance, poor eating and lifestyle habits, not genetics, are the cause of degenerative diseases."  It seems an equal share of the blame for this "faulty lifestyle" falls not only on the people, but the medical system and the pharmaceutical industry as well. For decades they have been telling us they have all the answers but the numbers show we are actually getting sicker. After all this time we should expect some sort of truthful explanation as to why they are failing. Instead we get another toxic pharma drug. Einstein called this "Insanity."

   Some reports say the medical system is the leading cause of death in the U.S. This is Iatrogenesis, or oooppss, I'm sorry, I killed or injured you medicine--medical mistakes, oversights, indifference and  lunacy. The total for this condition is estimated at 784,000 people yearly. (about 500 daily) In addition, there are about 2 million infections in hospitals and about 2.2 million adverse drug reactions and 100,000 deaths due to drug use. This is a grand total of 5.8 million. Some would argue this fact but an independent study by Wald and Shojan in 2001 revealed 1.5% of all medical events (AERs) are actually reported and only 6% are properly identified.

   A medical doctor on a network morning show stated that most of her patients were deficient in vitamin D and that people should "supplement" vitamin D and get more sunshine. Getting more sunshine was the preference. Natural and holistic practitioners have for years been telling people to supplement and get more sunshine. Doctors have always held that supplementing was useless and unneeded because we get all the nutrients we need from our food. The doctor said it was imperative to get more sun, but said you must apply a sunscreen, or UV blocker, to prevent skin cancer. My question is--How can you get UV rays from the sun for vitamin D production if you have used a UV blocker to block the absorption of UV rays?  Brilliant!

   Another doctor on another program said the same thing: Get more sunshine....because it produces a "Vital" substance that is actually an essential precursor to the production of  vitamin D in the skin. The doctor kept using the word "vital" but 'never identified' this mysterious vital substance. Why? Because he can't--because the vital substance is Cholesterol. You must have cholesterol in the skin to produce vitamin D in the skin. How would he look if he said go out in the sun to get more cholesterol, and in the same breath prescribe a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? We get skin cancer because of the "lack of UV rays" and the deficiency of essential, disease preventing nutrients. When we get in the sun we are warmed on a chilly day. The sunshine makes us feel better.We may use warm water or boiling water for different purposes. But, Warm water and Boiling water are obviously not the same. On the other hand, it may not be our fault because one of the areas where cholesterol significantly  impacts the function of the body is--the Brain. Don't be stupid.

   The cancer, stroke, and heart attack Belt of America runs from Chesapeake Bay, down the eastern sea board, through the Old-South, down the Gulf coast into central Texas. A very interesting study of Longevity and the Cause Death in "Every County" in the nation, showed those in this Belt were dying of Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack at a higher rate than other areas of the country--especially the mid western and plains states. What do all the states in the Belt have in common?  Fried foods and rich, Sugary foods. If you want to put 20 extra years on your life, don't eat Fried or Sugary foods.

   The medical and pharma industries assume that natural substances are unsafe because they are supposedly unregulated. Their research shows they are also ineffective. However, research found that in 2008 there were 1,080 AERs for natural substances and a whopping 526,527 medical AERs. This is a 488:1 ratio. My question is--Who is "regulating" the drug and medical  industries?

   I wonder why under-handed tactics by the FDA have to be employed. They are currently on a quest to seize and remove from the market, selected natural substances, because they are unproven and dangerous. I suspect it is because they want to use them under the pretense that they were the one who invented them--And because they don't want us to have them.  If this happens I suppose the ancient remedies of the past, and some promising new discoveries will become the new medicine of our world. So now they can become the natural health "quacks" instead of people like me.

   Dr. Allen Roses, an executive at the drug giant Glaxo-SmithKline, admitted that over 90% of all drugs actually work for 30-50% of the people who use them.The truth is, in the U.S. the odds of being killed by a pharma drug are 20 times (2,000%) greater than being killed in an automobile accident--and 30 times (3,000%)  greater than being killed with a gun. 

   We are being lied to concerning statin drugs and cholesterol, and proton pump inhibitors (Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc.) for acid reflux--as well as Pepto, Tums and Mylanta,etc. Do you remember they told us in the 1960s that smoking was good for us? Do you recall they told us eggs were bad for us and we needed to reduce our fat and protein consumption? We went along with this nonsense only to become fatter and sicker than before. Believe it or not, cholesterol is your friend. "Oxidized" LDL cholesterol, nutrient deficiencies, and inflammatory proteins are the problem. And why do we have oxidation?  "Low Antioxidant levels." I invite you to go to You Tube and watch "The Town of Allopath" video.(Skid Marks Disease, the 6:06 minute version)

   Johns Hopkins University conducted a five year study to determine the cause of cardiovascular disease. They used 950 men and women. After five years of research they determined that 95% of all fatal and non fatal cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, were caused by....high cholesterol levels?....NO!  The lack of pharma drugs?...NO! Answer: Arterial and Aortic "Calcification." There is one nutrient that stops calcification and actually causes calcium deposits to disperse and be used for bone formation--And most people, including health gurus like the late Jack La Lanne, don't know what it is. Would you like to know what it is?

   Now they say we have an acid reflux problem due to an excess of stomach acid. Before your doctor prescribed a PPI did he actually measure the amount of acid in your stomach? No? How does he know if you have too much acid  if he didn't check to see how much was there? PPIs are dangerous and cause numerous physiological problems, just as statin drugs do. The body makes and regulates the amount of cholesterol in the body. Before they went into a panic concerning heart disease, the normal panel total for cholesterol was 300. Now some are told that 160 is the ideal total and others are told 100 and below is normal, and anything over 200 is dangerous. The reason our panel totals are always too high is because they have arbitrarily "moved" the bar, The truth is low cholesterol levels 'cause' cardiovascular events: Heart Attacks, massive stroke, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, depression, suicide. cellular abnormalities (cancer) and low hormone levels. The truth is, there are two LDL patterns, one of which is a non-factor in cardio events. A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study found that cholesterol levels for those over fifty are not a factor in cardiovascular events. An eight year JAMA study found that low dose aspirin has absolutely No impact on fatal or non fatal cardiovascular events. But the study did show that the cases of GI ulcers and deterioration and H.Pylori infection increased dramatically.

  Indigestion is the condition where stomach pain is present due to the lack, or absence of hydrochloric acid. (HCL) Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) eliminate hydrochloric acid.  HCL is required to digest proteins and kill parasites. Undigested protein becomes a fermented "Train-Wreck" in the digestive tract and leads to other, far more serious problems, including nutrient mal-absorption, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, parasitic accumulation, auto immune disease and colon cancer--And reflux-like symptoms. Not enough acid is usually the problem, not the other way round. H.Pylori in the stomach causes infection, inflammation and pain that is often mistaken for acid reflux. Researchers say Matula tea is a sure fire cure--Also Mastic gum and rhubarb. Natural, organic garlic, and black wall nut tincture, can be used for an intestinal bacterial condition. Use a quality full spectrum digestive enzyme tablet, that includes Hydrochloric acid, or betaine and ox bile, with every meal. Apple cider vinegar will also help with digestion, along with cabbage juice, turmeric and slippery elm to sooth the stomach. Also begin to build up intestinal flora by the use of a quality probiotic-- and if you have problems digesting protein, don't eat protein until your digestive tract has healed. Eating BRATT foods will help. Bananas, brown Rice, Applesauce, whole wheat Toast and medicinal Teas. A quality organic Green tea is excellent. Don't ignore your protein intake, but give your system time to heal before you start eating protein again. If you are not eating fats, start eating fats, because they are essential nutrients that your body requires.Balance of all three--protein, fat and carbohydrates, is essential.Another suggestion is to determine what "metabolic type" you are. Certain food groups balance your metabolism.For example, if your metabolism requires protein to be 'in balance,' and you are not eating enough protein, you may feel out of balance and sluggish. Metabolic imbalances cause degenerative diseases.

   Another problem can occur due to eating "too many" carbohydrates, which, these days is very common. Salivary amylase in the mouth only begins to brake down carbohydrates. They are further broken down in the small intestine by additional secretions of amylase--but because they are excessive, not all carbohydrates can be broken down. So they end up undigested in the large intestine. The body senses this and sequesters water from the blood to address this problem, which causes an abundance of water in the large intestine, causing diarrhea. One of the most popular carbohydrates is pizza. Studies have shown that eating pizza can cause 
exhaustion of the pancreas, because it stimulates the production of insulin for up to nine hours. Bleached white flour contains Alloxan, an oxidation derivative byproduct of uric acid, that initiates free radical damage to the beta, or insulin producing, cells in the pancreas.Any flour product destroys islet cells in the pancreas.

   Let's consider what happens when you eat, say, a piece of toast. You chew and swallow the piece of toast. Bread is broken down into sugar in the small intestine. Sugar leaves the small intestine. Sugar enters the portal vein, triggering the release of insulin. The insulin that is triggered by sugar alerts the liver and it goes into action. In the liver, excess sugar is turned into: Energy, Triglycerides, "Cholesterol," and Glycogen. The liver protects the brain from getting too much sugar, though the brain needs a steady flow of sugar to operate. The liver separates the incoming food of a balanced diet and shuttles excess sugar off to be used for other bodily functions. If the body does not need energy at the moment, and glycogen stores are full, the liver will convert sugar into "cholesterol" which is used for building material for hormones, membranes, and other structures--and / or triglycerides, which are fatty acids used for energy.  When you do not eat cholesterol, your body sees this deprivation as a time of "crisis" or "famine." During this time of famine, the body goes into 'panic' mode. Insulin activates an enzyme in the liver called, HMG Co-A Reductase that stimulates the over-production of cholesterol from "Carbohydrates" you eat. This internal production of cholesterol contributes to damaging artery plaque that leads to heart attack and stroke. This is why any natural supplement that helps control blood sugar, will also lower cholesterol levels. 

   One case in point is a friend of a friend who struggled with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. It turns out he was drinking a lot of beer and was not eating a balanced diet. His doctor didn't know what to do because the drugs he prescribed weren't working! When he stopped drinking and started eating better, both of these conditions "Vanished"---and his doctor was amazed.

   A 1961 study of the impact of injected insulin through the femoral arteries of dogs showed that insulin caused arterial plaqueing in every dog in the study. Excessive blood-insulin levels cause plaqueing which leads to premature heart disease, insulin resistance, type II diabetes and cancer--plus many more. Sugar and insulin are deadly killers that we ignore--but still remain as two of the most prevalent causes of most degenerative diseases. Have you noticed I haven't been ranting on fat?  Fats and protein Do Not stimulate insulin production--and apparently the body has no aversion to saturated fat because excess carbohydrates are converted to saturated fat and stored in the cells for future use.

   By the way, the phama companies have developed a new drug to "increase" HDL cholesterol and the medical system is working on a new plan that requires blood testing for cholesterol beginning at the Kinder age level, that extends through high school.

   Researchers, especially medical researchers, tend to need a five year study and millions of dollars to confirm anything, and usually they don't know anymore after five years than they knew to begin with. Clinicians that use these natural substances know firsthand about their effectiveness. If I swung a bat at your head and "missed," would you need a five year study to determine if your were actually hit, or, if you just didn't feel it?
If I swung a bat at your head and" hit" you and cracked your skull, would you need a five year study to determine if you were actually hit, or, if it could have been instead, a passing twig?  In the end, their study would conclude that 'bats don't exist, swinging bats cause passing twigs and all skulls are cracked due to a deficiency of the new synthetic drug, "baseballathine,"

         Uneducated choices and deception are rampant in all aspects of our world. It is up to us to take charge of our own lives and change our individual and collective worlds before we become just another statistic.
        God is not a Quack.  I Can Help.  I have access to the latest scientific discoveries in natural health, as well as proven disease protocols.

   I offer education concerning specific diets and foods, herbs, antioxidants, nutrients and synergistic blends and lifestyle changes that address specific conditions, such as: Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Lung disease, Pain relief, Natural energy enhancement, Digestive and Gastrointestinal disorders, Immune disorders, Weight loss, Prostate problems, Mental function,  Asthma, Allergies, Osteoporosis, Anti-aging, Blindness, Skin disorders, Cataracts, Herbal detoxification, Colds and Flu,etc.

   We all need 91 nutrients to sustain our bodies. 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids.When we don't get these nutrients our body begins to become deficient. The result is disease that is directly related to the deficiency. Because our soils are so contaminated and filled with chemicals and are nutrient depleted, many times we are not getting the required nutrients to sustain bodily function. This is the reason, I believe, that we should supplement our intake of nutrients with added, quality nutrient pills and drinks. Many people don't believe any of this, but animal Vets have for many years known the importance of supplementation for animals. In fact, this is how they keep them healthy. After all, it would
be very expensive for farmers and ranchers to have health insurance for every animal. Most people believe we get what we need from the foods we eat. Yes, we do get very important nutrients from food. But, our commercial foods aren't nutrient rich anymore--and we eat processed and contaminated foods--and we eat far more fast foods that are chemically tainted and nutrient poor. 

   One important fact is we believe we are getting all the required nutrients if we take a B complex pill and drink a glass of fruit juice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Others believe if we take a specific supplement for a certain condition or deficiency we are getting all we need. This is also wrong. Each nutrient works with 'all' the other nutrients to enable each individual nutrient. "All for One and One for All."

   B vitamins are primarily used for energy, neural function and for "Co-factors" for other nutrients. Most minerals work the same way. For example, calcium and magnesium. In the 1970s the University of Toronto published a study that said using the minerals Chromium and Vanadium cured type II diabetes. People ran to the health food stores to get these two minerals and began to take them in hopes of eliminating type II diabetes. But they didn't work. Why? Because Chromium-Vanadium "require" 23 "Co-factors to become effective. If you are not getting all the nutrients, you aren't getting the maximum benefits from any of these nutrients.

   Disease coaching is really about health coaching. It is about establishing written goals that we work toward everyday. The wellness plan is all about being able to foresee and overcome the personal challenges that inhibit or interfere with achieving the goal. It is all about establishing confidence and self esteem. It is all about identifying the client's strengths and weaknesses and managing the stress, anxiety and depression that often accompany these conditions. It is all about communication through teaching in areas of disease prevention, in conjunction with proven "Nutritional" and lifestyle plans, and continuing-care that emphasizes monitoring as well as implementation of adaptive strategies, that will have you on the way to a better life in no time.

   I offer a Total Holistic Assessment that includes : Holistic Health Education, Ayurvedic Evaluations, Disease Survey, Metabolic Risk assessment,  Trait evaluation, Body Mass Index evaluation, Brain chemistry evaluation, Spiritual assessment, Compulsive/Addictive assessment, and individual coaching that includes implementation of the Transtheoretical model and Spiritual, Mind-Body intervention, that can help you
re-establish your personal spiritual authority over incorrect thoughts and holistic illusions.                                                                                                    
   Contact me for additional information.

 Consider this: "Anything" that the body perceives as abnormal or foreign, causes stress on the body.

   Can you imagine that the European explorers arrived here to find that the Indians were coughing up their lungs?  No?

   Alarmingly, a University of Ottawa study found that smoking does not cause lung cancer!  I'm not saying anything else, I'm telling you what the University study found. And, I presume you may be asking, OK what "does" cause lung cancer? Well, since you asked--

   Pollution-- Environmental Pollution, such as: Air pollution, water pollution, (chlorine/ fluoride) genetically modified foods,(GMOs)  pesticides, herbicides, industrial fumes and chemicals,(100,000 new chemicals since WW II)  food additives, food preservatives, processed foods, man-made and irradiated foods, high fructose corn syrup, Aspertame, an artificial sweetener, OTC drugs, pain relievers, unnatural stimulants, diet pills, cold and flu remedies, pharmaceutical drugs, 'unbalanced,' highly processed protein and carbohydrate Diets, fast foods, Under consumption of good fats and protein and Over consumption of carbohydrate foods and drinks and --your addiction to Sugar.

   Don't forget that exercise, in some form, whether it be walking, jogging, weight lifting or low impact activities,can significantly impact both metabolic processes in the body as well as physiological and psychological conditions, and is a factor in disease prevention and maintenance. The lack of exercise is a risk factor for disease, especially when other factors are present. > abnormal and foreign substances. 

   I know, you don't think you are addicted to sugar. I challenge you to take note of all the things you eat on a daily basis that are specifically sugar foods--"And" all those foods that are subtle carbs, that you ignore--bread and cracker products, potato and corn chips, flour based foods, white rice, Mexican food,  Italian food, commercial juices, sauces, ketchup, waffle syrup, coffee creamers, alcoholic beverages, high glycemic fruits and vegetables, etc. Look at the label. I promise that you will be surprised when you add these up. A conservative amount of natural sugar is OK--But "just a little" junk turns into a lot of adverse affects--and, sugar is sugar, no matter what form it is, even natural sugar. This is the reason that it is important to also eat good fats and protein along with moderate amounts of natural carbohydrate foods. Note: Certain concessions by the FDA allow manufacturers to show "zero" trans fats on a label, when trans fats are present in the food. Is this deception, or a blatant lie?

   If your doctor was reading his Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) publications, instead of laying them out to impress his patients, he would know the most recent JAMA studies have shown the recommendations for salt intake is considerably lower than what the body requires. The USDA recommends 2,300 mg. daily. The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 mg. daily. The national average of sodium is 3,400 mg. daily. But the study showed we should eat between 4,000-6,000 mg. of salt daily. The study showed that patients who eat less than 3,000 mg. daily were at an 8.6% higher risk of death due to a heart problem, and were 5% more likely to suffer heart failure..The study found anything over 7,000 mg. daily is too much. However, if you cook your own fresh foods and "salt to taste," there is no problem. 

 "Anything" that the body perceives as abnormal or foreign, causes stress on the body--And as a result, initiates a cascade of adverse consequences: Abnormal and Foreign substances set off an increase in adrenaline production, which stimulates the production of glucocordicoids,(cortisol / hydrocortisone) that stimulate the production of sugar, (gluconeogenesis) that stimulates insulin production that disables the immune system--that causes disease, or cancer. By the way, emotional stress causes the same cascade. Beware.

   We are the victims of "Negative Synergy.' NS is the cumulative adverse effect of numerous environmental factors (pollution) that negatively impact the body and cause disease. Exposure, especially occupational exposure to toxic chemicals, has been shown to increase the risk of lung cancer. Certain chemical or chemical related occupations are at higher risk, like those exposed to asbestos and strong chemicals or chemical fumes, like auto exhaust. Oxidized, hydrogenated oils, like those used for frying cause free radicals in the air we breathe--to say nothing of our foods.

   To illustrate this, allow me to explain the LD 50 test that is used to determine the lethal dose of a certain substance and the impact of that substance on lab animals. If you haven't guessed, LD means Lethal Dose. 50 represents the percentage of lab animals this specific dose killed. LD 50 then, is a dose that would kill 50%  of lab animals. This percentage can be changed to get whatever percentage they desire.

   So they conducted experiments to determine the lethal dose of a combination of two lethal substances, Lead and Mercury. They used an LD 1 of Lead and an LD 1 of Mercury--a dose that would kill 1 percent of lab animals.-->> Then they "Combined" these two LD 1 doses. What do you think they got?  LD2? LD20?  No! LD 100. LD 1 of Lead and LD 1 of Mercury produce the effect of LD 100 in lab animals. It killed 100% of the labs animals that were exposed to the cumulative effects of "two,"supposedly "Safe" doses.
Do I need to say any more?

   Pollution causes lung cancer, not tobacco. So get yourself a cigar made from organic, chemical free, tobacco, "just like the Indians smoked," and you are good to go. So says William Campbell Douglas, M.D.

   * In continued good faith, I would like to offer the most effective, inexpensive, non practitioner assisted Cancer-Busting Protocol I know of presently. Please understand I am not offering a cure, but a scientifically researched protocol that has shown to be 90% effective. Long term use of chemo, radiation and surgery very often cause more cancer and are, over a five year period, only 2 % effective.Keep reading.

   If you had a glass of muddy water, and you wanted it to be clean, could you make it clean by adding a dropper of clean water? Or would you have to empty the water, clean the glass and refill it with clean water?
Any cancer protocol will require that you "Stop" doing the things that have caused the disease and "Start" doing the things that fight the disease. Certain things have to be done before the body can fight off the disease.

   We all are holistic beings. We all are spiritual beings in a physical body, not bodies with a spirit. However, if we ignore that the spirit is critical in maintaining holistic health, we cannot expect to receive the healing benefits it possesses because we have not exercised our will over the activities of the spirit.  I believe this to manifest in a way in which we are not accustomed because we were taught the spirit operates in a specific fashion. We are taught the body's purpose is to live, and to eventually die. This was not meant to be so. God's will is 'only' Life. We very often receive no answers to prayers because prayers, in part, are "self-talk" that we don't believe. The body's function, or nature, is to convince the mind that the "authoritarian" will of the spirit is a lie. The mind is receptive to the suggestions of the body. The mind will try to "take control" of our spirit by deceiving our mind because the mind believes in the will of the body--which is both life"and" death (the knowledge of both good and evil)  To believe that death is God's will, is to believe that God is not Absolute. If we die, we have chosen to die--very often because our body cannot take the torture of living.. If we are guilty, we must suffer because guilt demands punishment. God does not punish--we do. If you allow the mind to reign your holistic destiny you will eventually die because of years of neglecting what God really wants. The spirit's healing power becomes of "no effect" if we believe what our body and mind tells us. If you believe your body is sick your mind must ignore that this is a possibility. Faith has substance. It is not merely a religious doctrine. It is the assurance of the promise of the spirit. We usually accept the cards we are dealt as being the "Will of God." We believe this because we believe in the deception of the mind--and when medicine fails, we have no other alternative. YOU must stand up to perceptions of death and impose "your spiritual will" over the lie. However, if you have never done this, you may not get the attention of your spirit because you have neglected its abilities. It will ask--"Are you talking to me?...Why should I take orders from you?...You have never acknowledged I was ever around. But, God will not leave or forsake us if we begin to demonstrate we "Know" what the will of God is--and begin to repent of our deception. We don't act on what we believe, we act on what we know. This is faith--and faith comes by "Hearing God's Words"--what He is really saying-- and Acting on what we Now know. Scripture says it this way: "...if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by my Father who is in heaven...For where two or three have gathered in my name, there I am in the midst.' (Matt.18:19-20)  God is not "willing" that any should perish, but that All should come to repentance. (and "Live".) (II Peter 3:9)

   Alternative cancer experts say that a "fighting-spirit" and "denial" are important factors in overcoming cancer. You must not feel angry, or vengeful, or feel you are a "victim," because victims never heal. You must learn to embrace your condition and draw it near to you, so you may 'know' it. You must see life, and death, in a totally different way. Learn to love life. You must not complain and blame others--or 'yourself,' for this condition. Learn to forgive those who have supposedly harmed you. Understand that any perceived harm was only a "perception" that must be reconciled. Were you "really" harmed? I know you may feel that if you forgive you are admitting that what was done was OK. But, again, were you really harmed? Release this mind set and look at the experience as a part of the 'past' that must be released so you are not living 'there' anymore. Don't give your valuable healing energy away to perceptions of the past. By going into the past, in your mind, you take this energy with you--you give life to the past that was meant to be used for healing in  the present moment. Forgive so you may return this energy to the Present Moment where it can be used to heal your body. Set those free who hold you in the past, so "You" may be free from the bondage of "an Eye for an Eye" justice. This concept is so illogical when you really look at it. Start to love yourself. Love your life and those in it. Forgive. Becoming quiet and getting still are the first steps in learning that which "can't" be taught. Forgiveness and Life are God's Will. Scripture puts it this way: "Be transformed by the renewing of 'your' mind that 'you' may 'prove' what the Will of God is." Prayer and meditation are very important. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God. Do Both. Self talk is also imperative, as long as the thoughts of the mind aren't allowed to monopolize the conversation. If you are experiencing negative, dooming thoughts, try this:

   The mind lies. When you get a negative thought, ask your negative mind if this thought is really true. Is this "really" true?  Ask it again. You must realize the mind lies! Examine the situation to see the truth. When these thoughts come, ask your negative mind--What good purpose would this serve. What good purpose would it serve? The mind will answer with another lie. Keep asking it until the mind goes blank. When the mind goes blank, it has accepted that your spiritual authority has dominion over your mind and your body. Now you can impose the Will of God in your life.God is Life. You must have a Will to live. If in the beginning this doesn't seem to work, continue to do it until it does. 

   Cancer in the body is caused by root canals, unresolved emotional trauma, the American diet,  a suppressed immune system, un-oxygenated cells, toxins, and an acidic chemical composition. Resolving all these issues is critical. The protocol is as follows:

   * No sugar, No flour, No processed foods, No meats, including fish. No dairy products, except "Cottage Cheese." Lots of organic fruits and vegetables. No processed foods or food preservatives, No tap water, No alcohol or sodas, coffee, including sparkling waters, sports drinks or energy drinks, No fast foods, fried foods, charred foods or cooking oils, ETC. Supplement with 91 nutrients daily. You "must"  maintain a good diet and refrain from all abnormal and foreign substances. It is especially important to avoid All sugars and commercial carbohydrate foods because cancer feeds on sugar.You may add a product called, "Cellect" to supercharge the protocol.

   * Combine one third cup of organic flax seed oil with two thirds cup of cottage cheese. Thoroughly mix "only" these two elements. This is very important because we are wanting to create a super-food by changing the structure of both individual foods that can only occur when both are completely mixed. Afterwards you may add nuts, fruit and a very small amount of Stevia  sweetener, if desired. However, cancer thrives on sugar. I recommend Not using any form of sugar at all if you have cancer and are Not using this as a casual dietary compliment. Do this everyday. This may be used as a preventative by mixing smaller portions--for example, tablespoons instead of a cup, or cups..If other quantities are desired, mix in the same ratio.If you are using tablespoon portions of cottage cheese, use rounded tablespoon portions. You may also add freshly ground flax seed to the mix. If you are using  2 to1 tablespoon portions, use two to three tablespoons of flax seed. To increase the strength of the mix, add the product, "Cellect," as mentioned. Consult with manufacturer or supplier for pricing, dosing and specific use. This may be found on the net. Supplement your diet by adding seven apricot seeds daily, sea vegetables, Curcumin or Turmeric (75mg.2X daily) with black pepper and Active Hexose Correlated Compounds, (AHCC) Fucoidan, Avemar, (Ave) "Force C"  (aglycon sapogens) Essiac teas, Transfer Point Beta Glucans, Vitamin C, L-Lysine-Proline with Green Tea extract and Pancreatic enzymes, SE methylselenocysteine, indol 3 carbinol, (I3C) di-indolmethane, (DIM) and lacto-ferrin, to mention a few. These are all natural substances but I would not use all of these in one dose. I would recommend all of these in a regimen that spreads these out over an entire day. Results should begin to appear in about eight to twelve weeks. Most people don't die from tumors, they die from cachexia, (ka-kek-see-ah) or wasting disease. Hydrazine sulfate (HZ) fights cachexia.

  Other natural substances and protocols are available.

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                                   The current health trend is dictating higher health care costs, including higher health insurance premiums for those who are obese, smoke, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, etc. Some say within two years these additional cost will increase your out of pocket health care costs by 40%.
   Contact me by email at ""  to inquire about membership options that can educate you concerning your specific health issues and decrease your health costs as well. 

   If what I suggest you do, and use, does not work for you within a specific time frame, or you have absolutely no improvement at all.--And you have rigorously followed all of my suggestions for "your" lifestyle change, and have documented your strict participation in this plan for change--subsequent to my examination of these factors, I will refund 50% of the membership fee. What a deal!  

   The drug companies or your doctor cannot and will not ever match this. Think about this. If your doctor misdiagnosed you or gave you a drug that made you worse, would he refund half of his fee? NO! And if he was wrong, he would not admit he was wrong--He would simply prescribe another drug.  There aren't many options--only more drugs.I do not mean to infer that "I" could be wrong. I simply mean that I have researched every substance and I unequivocally believe in the healing, restorative abilities of these natural substances and stand behind the researchers and clinicians who have had a considerable amount of success using a specific substance for a certain condition, or combinations of synergistic blends.

   Since we are working toward a healthy condition and not concentrating on symptoms--And natural substances are far safer than prescription drugs, especially multiple prescription drugs, most people could expect to feel better--at a much lower price. Remember, God is not a Quack.

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog. Please submit a comment.If you have any questions that need immediate attention, contact me by email at

"First, Give No Drugs, Do No Harm."  

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